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Kelly Campbell (1976)


I’m 17 years old, I am standing in the pit in front of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in 1977 at the Omni in Atlanta. I am alone in the fenced off area between 16,000 screaming hormonal raging fans and the greatest rock and roll band in the world. Taking Pictures.


Page starts the beginning riffs  of “Nobody’s fault But Mine”.. Na nana Na na, Na nana Na na... he spins on his heels and looks directly ..and I mean directly into my eyes...

The famous 3 count break comes and he and I together count off:  one    two   three.... 

and then he rips the chord as the crowd erupts...A wave of adrenaline like I have never felt before or after rushes through me.

Could I have been impregnated ?

Honey, it was that intense.

How I got there:


My dad got me a Pentax and three lenses from a pawn shop for $100 when I was 13 after a lot of begging.

I read all the books I could, built a darkroom and started doing all my film.

Equally I was obsessed with music. Bowie, Yes,Lou Reed Genesis ELP. 

Did I say Bowie?

I started shooting concerts when I was 14

Waking my dad up and making him get me down to the ticket window at Rich’s dept store when they opened the doors in hopes of scoring close seats on the floor. Or I’d just sneak down to the front..

My brother would drive me after offering  to buy him a ticket..

Around 15, I started freelancing with the local alternative tabloid: “Creative Loafing”... My first big assignment was Don McClean.

This was 4 or 5 yrs after American Pie.

I was 16 maybe. The writer and I went to his hotel room and I shot him there next to the window.. The photo made the front cover of the newspaper. I was hooked . on photography.. on music. 

I've made a living doing photography and recently scanned and started printing these great images. 

Please enjoy...Put one on your wall! Buy your sister a birthday present!


Kelly Campbell (2018)
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